“I am most at my photographic goals when combing the naked figure with shallow landscapes, nighttime photography, and in both a staged and point-n-shoot manner. Film and digital are tools that work together for me and my future plans are to start working in a less medium specific way with photographs.”

“I am interested in ambiguous narratives and paradoxes. I find the dialogue between the human and its natural environment fascinating. One sometimes actively and/or passively consumes the other. At times they seamlessly compliment each-other. And sometimes they do both at the same time.”

“Another thing that captures me is the reciprocity of the subject lending itself to objectivity while simultaneously gaining meaning. Did he just take off all his clothes except his socks…or did he just put on only his socks? Does the fact that he is only wearing socks make him more nude…or more naked?”

“I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. a place nestled at the toes of the Ouchitas foothills and alongside the Arkansas river valley. This schizophrenic place combines the moods of the Mississippi delta with Ouchitas and Ozark folk life in an urban environment. This is the most significant influence on my work. I can not decide if the reason I want to leave this place is to escape, or embrace it from afar.”