“I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, grew up in Chicago and did my undergraduate work at Southern Illinois University. Back in Chicago I opened my commercial photography business in 1988. The majority of my commercial work was editorial portraiture for national and international publications. I started teaching at Columbia College Chicago in the spring of 2002 and decided to pursue my MFA. I was accepted to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in the fall of 2005 and completed MFA in Photography in May of 2008.”

“Until moving to Indiana I had always thought of the state as a place to drive through to get out east. I could never figure out what a “Hoosier” really was and even now, after having lived here for more than 3 years I still have not deciphered it. Bloomington is not like the rest of Indiana which has a conservative reputation or “Red” state status. Bloomington has always been an oasis of “Blue” surrounded by red until the recent election when the state ended up in the blue column. I didn’t understand what people saw in Bloomington until I moved here. The school, the city and the quality of life here in Bloomington are quite special, with a combination of small town values, big city ideas and some of the nicest people I have ever met. Indiana. The area is both a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts as well as offering a variety of festivals and events. I have had the opportunity to take advantage of both ends of this spectrum. Now I do not want to leave.”

“My current work is primarily a visual exploration through photography and other time based digital media of self, specifically individuality, consciousness and identity.”