“Life is about living and about the memories…especially the people.”

“Iowa has me. I was born, raised and still live in Iowa. My work stems from living here in the midwest even as I travel. The landscape is very different from the other states – understated but beautiful. I like it here but I dream of living in a large city, in an apartment with lots of like-minded people in the other apartments… in an artist neighborhood with coffee shops!”

“You never know.”

“Photography is a wonderful medium for exploring the world and expressing ideas I cannot adequately say with words. I use a camera because it is a direct tool that allows me access into other people’s lives. I look for photographs that contain reality and ambiguity. I listen more closely, to see things I would not ordinarily see. Discovering what lies within the frame is what drives me to photograph it. I am fascinated with time and memory. Pictures are the language I use to make sense of the mysterious world I live in.”