“I am a Vermont based freelance photographer working in the traditions of Documentary, Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography.”

“In 1979, I came to Vermont when I was two weeks old, I have since spent every summer here, with most of the formative years of my life lived in the small town of Barnard. This place is a truly unique state to come home to–I live in a community of about 1000 people where the first conscientious objector in United States history hid out in a cave during the Civil War. In the 1920’s, our town was a get-away for the Manhattan friends of war-journalist Dorothea Thompson and her husband, author Sinclair Lewis (It Can’t Happen Here). The state is rather quiet and meditative–a really great hide-out–yet Vermont is filled with a variety of energetic little communities and non-conformist individuals that still manage to keep things a bit wild. Vermont is the only state in the union that George W. Bush never visited during his time in office, I can only guess that he knew he didn’t have a chance.”