“The work I am making now that I have moved to Connecticut from 10 years in Brooklyn still has a sort of eyes down, nose on the road sort of snooping around, somewhat depressive view. Instead of being indoors, like my work before, most of it is outdoors, and is colored with muted greens and browns, rather than bright, garish reds, purples and oranges. My working titles are Locale or Haven.”

“I never intended or imagined that I would live in Connecticut. I went to graduate school here, where I have returned to teach. I remember being a diner waitress in college in the Hudson Valley, and some art grad students (a thing I never thought I’d become) came in and guessed that I was from Connecticut. I was offended, because this state, in my mind, was all about being preppy and having money and driving fancy cars. While all of that, and more, is true for certain towns here, it is certainly not true where I live, as is evidenced by my photos. This state has really turned out to be nothing of what I expected. Some of my favorite places are kind of run-down mill valley towns north and west of New Haven, and also the quiet, secret rocky beaches on the Long Island Sound to the east.”